Help Roatán recover from situations directly related to the Coronavirus image

Help Roatán recover from situations directly related to the Coronavirus

See below for information on how the Abundant Life Foundation's assistance fund has been allocated so far.

$1,420 raised

$2,500 goal

/ 150


The effects of the Coronavirus will be felt far and wide across the island as tourism slows to a stop. ALF's Covid-19 Assistance Fund will be used over the next several months as needs arise and evolve across the island.

Update (7/8): $1,310 raised for the Assistance Fund to date.

Guided by our commitments outlined below, we’ve begun a few initiatives to help provide relief. Those include:

  1. $300 allocated to startup funds for a home garden project in which ALF provides supplies, training, and initial funding for community members to launch their own vegetable garden. $300 provides 10 Home Gardening Kits. To learn more or support continued funding for this project, click here.
  2. $500 allocated to give grocery vouchers to 50 individuals who participate in community-wide surveys, which will help inform our future work.
  3. $510 allocated to products needed for women-led, single parent households in Flowers Bay in partnership with the Flowers Bay Patronato. Initially, these funds were allocated to create learning materials for school children who do not have access to online lessons. However, the partnership fell through and funds were reallocated.
  4. Separate from the funds raised through this campaign, ALF joined an effort led by the Grand Roatan to deliver fresh produce from the AG farm and food baskets to families across various communities. We are coordinating with the other large-scale food efforts on the island such as Roatan Because We Care and the SOL Foundation.

Original Post:

We've all been affected by the sudden arrival of COVID-19. Most of us now are taking extra precautions and adjusting to a new normal while schools and offices are closed. Some people are watching in disappointment as trips are postponed, routines are disrupted, and celebrations are rescheduled.

The island of Roatán will feel long-lasting effects. Because the hospital system in Honduras is vulnerable, fears of infection are even more weighty. The economy, which depends on the tourism industry, is poised to take a significant and long-lasting hit. Even those with traditionally secure jobs face weeks or months without pay. Some will find it near impossible to feed and care for their families during this time.

ALF is guided by a vision of Honduras as a place where people create a vibrant, sustainable future for themselves and their communities- beginning in Roatán. As a response to the current situation, we've created a COVID-19 Assistance Fund which will be used over the next several months as needs arise and evolve across the island. Our commitment to you is that we will:

  1. address the areas observed on the ground as most needed and within our mission, partnering when possible
  2. share the ways your funds are used, and
  3. stay on course with our long-term, philanthropic vision

We know that families across the globe are facing a new feeling of uncertainty. If you are able, we ask that you extend an act of generosity to our brothers and sisters on the island. Private funding covers the administrative budget, meaning your donation always goes directly to our initiatives on the island- and in this case, to COVID-19 assistance. You can help create a safety net for the island and its people.

Thank you as always for your support.


ALF's Leadership Team

PS: Giving to ALF is not the only avenue for supporting the island during this difficult time. Our work generally emphasizes long term development initiatives while other organizations focus on much-needed emergency aid. We encourage you to explore your options and give where you're most comfortable.